Bel Canada launches Babybel Plant-Based in Canada and aims for a 50% dairy-free portfolio

Bel Canada Group announces that it launched Babybel Plant-Based in Canadian retail stores this week. A dairy-free version of the company’s famous snack cheese, this first product is part of Bel’s strategy to become a global leader in cheese alternatives and to have half of its offerings plant-based by 2030. .

“The mission of the Bel Group is to offer healthy and responsible food for all”

Babybel Plant-Based, which launched in the US and UK earlier this year, is designed to look and taste like the company’s popular Mini Babybel Cheese Wheels. Made from coconut oil, wax-coated green cheeses deliver mozzarella flavor while being a source of lactose-free calcium and B12. The company says Babybel Plant-Based joins its other dairy-free offerings, Nurishh and Boursin, already in Canadian retail.

“We are always attentive to the needs and expectations of consumers,” declared Marie–Ève Robert, Vice-President Marketing, Groupe Bel Canada. “It’s at the heart of our innovation strategy. With this in mind, we are continuing our sustainable strategy with the launch of Babybel Plant-Based, a plant-based product certified dairy-free and GMO-free. Our goal is to offer the same unique experience that we know from Babybel, but in a vegetable version.

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Bel Canada is actively diversifying its portfolio to include more plant-based products. Seeing that 52% of Canadians now consume plant-based foods or are trying to add more plant-based foods to their diet, Bel Group says it aspires to lead the still-nascent dairy-free cheese category. by developing better products that meet taste expectations. .

In July, parent company Bel Group announced a strategic partnership with fermentation startup Superbrewed Food to develop a line of cheeses, both dairy and plant-based, using Superbrewed’s postbiotic cultured protein.

Recognizing the role food systems play in sustainability and climate change, Bel Canada intends to balance its portfolio to include 50% dairy and 50% fruit and plant based products. 2030.

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“The Bel Group’s mission is to provide healthy and responsible food for everyone,” says Cristine Laforest, General Manager of Bel Canada Group. “Knowing that plant-based products are part of the solution to growing environmental challenges, we need to adapt our approach to nutrition. The Bel Group’s mission is therefore to offer a more balanced product offer by 2030, with 50% dairy products and 50% fruit and plant-based products.