CATL’s German plant starts cell production

ARNSTADT, Germany, December 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Contemporary Amperex Technology Thuringia GmbH (CATT), CATL’s first plant outside of Chinalaunched mass production of lithium-ion battery cells in December as planned, marking another milestone in CATL’s global journey.

The first batch of lithium-ion battery cells rolled off the newly installed production line under standard conditions in CATT’s G2 building. The installation and commissioning of the remaining lines are in full swing for the production ramp-up.

The locally produced cells have passed all the tests required for CATL’s products worldwide, proving that CATL is capable of starting cell production and supplying cells to its European customers from its local factory.

“The launch of production demonstrates that we have delivered on our promise to our customers as a trusted partner to industry and we remain committed to Europe transition to e-mobility, even in very difficult conditions like the pandemic,” said Matthias Zentgrafpresident of CATL for Europe. “We are working hard to ramp up production to full capacity, which is our top priority for the coming year.”

CATT received the battery cell production license from the state of Thuringia last April, which allows an initial capacity of 8 GWh per year. The factory has already started the production of modules in its G1 building in the third quarter of 2021.

With a total investment of up to €1.8 billionCATL expects to reach a production capacity of 14 GWh and create up to 2,000 new jobs in total by Germany in the future.

SOURCE Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited