I’m a gardening pro – my tips for preparing your garden for the cold and what you need to do now

FRIGID temperatures and a buildup of frost will set your spring garden back weeks if you don’t take care of it before winter.

Now is the time to start the cold weather preparation process, and gardening expert Lucy Rhead has outlined everything you need to know.

Gardening enthusiast Lucy Rhead reveals the steps you need to take to prepare your garden for winter


Gardening enthusiast Lucy Rhead reveals the steps you need to take to prepare your garden for winterCredit: Getty

Lucy’s knowledge of gardening goes far beyond mowing techniques.

The outdoor enthusiast knows the best practices and routines needed to help cultivate and grow your greenery.

And despite what you may have thought, October is one of the most important months for gardening work.

Lucy revealed the five must-have tips for winter preservation.

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Taking care of the greenery on the trees is just as essential as taking care of it on the ground.

Lucy says, “It’s important to prune your plants all year round, but it’s especially important to do this in the fall months before the frosty days come in, as pruning them when it’s cold can cause them damage. wrong.

You should always use garden shears as they ensure that the pruning is done correctly.

Then you have to turn over all your land.

“Turning your soil once you’ve pruned and trimmed your plants and shrubs will allow the soil to breathe and aerate. This in turn can trigger the organic breakdown of plant tissue,” Lucy explains.

Digging into your soil in the fall prepares it for the frost that will build up throughout the winter.

However, plants that cannot tolerate frost should be brought indoors.

“A key tip for this is to move your plants indoors before nighttime temperatures drop below 10 degrees. This is to ensure plants don’t go into shock,” proclaims Lucy.

Cover your garden as well as your outdoor furniture


Cover your garden as well as your outdoor furnitureCredit: Getty

And equally cold-sensitive indoor plants should be kept away from the window.

Apart from your garden, your outdoor space must be protected, including the furniture.

Outdoor and patio furniture can rust if left outside during the winter.

According to Lucy, you can move furniture inside your garage and shed or buy blankets.

“Don’t just think about your plants, think about the wildlife too,” Lucy says last.

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You can make a bird feeder or a “hibernation station” for the small wildlife around you.

Finally, Lucy notes the six vegetables that grow best in winter: onions, shallots, carrots, spinach, lettuce and asparagus.