It’s time to bring in the tomatoes from your garden… even the greenest ones | Lehigh Valley Nature Viewing

Now that it’s mid-October, many trees, shrubs, and vines are suddenly turning yellow, orange, or red. But, of course, this change in leaf color was not sudden. It’s just that now it’s gotten to the stage where it’s noticeable.

If you live near a soybean field or come across one while traveling, you’ll notice that their appearance has changed as well. As plants grow and mature, the seeds, pods, and plants themselves turn yellow and then brown. Soybeans are ready to harvest when they reach 13-14% moisture.

If you’re someone who grows your own tomatoes and haven’t been hit by frost yet, it’s time to bring the green ones if you want to keep eating them. The green comes from chlorophyll but it disappears as they mature and then ethylene forms and turns them red.