KILDARE GARDENING COLUMN: Hot garden trends for 2023 are in the works

The weather finally turned and I’m not going to lie, we were all a little happy with the nursery, especially since most of the rain seemed to be overnight and it was raining.

The summer has been so dry and although it is good to be in the garden, it is not good for our production in the field and at this time of year our attention starts to turn to our fields.

During the summer months we try to cut, put away and keep the fields as clean as possible, but at this time we start planning the lifting and grading of our field crops, and little growth late in the season is always helped by a little rain. warmer temperatures.


We have done many designs and builds over the last two weeks and although our design department is booked until the end of October for consultations and until November for full designs, now is when we start to think about trends for the coming year. .

We look at products such as stone, pots, furniture, garden accessories as well as plants and trees, although to be honest plant and tree trends have always been something we work on. up to three years in advance.

Stone products change every two years, and products with a bit more color seem to be the most popular again for next year – a mix of classic stone colors with pops of color from tiles and products wood effect warmers to brighten up the feel of the garden base.

As with interiors, trends come and go and although neutrals are always in style and whites and off-whites are something you can’t go wrong with.

I believe that over the next two years color will be much more visible, tactile and textured. It is certainly something that we can see more and more.

I’m so over gray and while there’s always a place for it, and as we continue to design tables and coffee tables in a concrete gray finish and gray porcelain and granite terraces, we plan to pair them with big Color punches.

Bright colors

Our palette for 2023 is much more complete on oranges, crystal blues and shades of raspberry pink.

This will carry over into the tiles we use, the furniture cushions, and even into the varieties of flowering plants we already grow.

The less popular oranges and yellows of the last ten years will make a real comeback in our gardens alongside green backgrounds and touches rather than riots of color.

Cannas are big for 2023, a plant that packs a punch, Phormiums and Heucheras as well as Crocosmia and Geums to name a few, but I’ll be putting together my 2023 garden trend guide over the next few weeks.

I’ve also been working on some new furniture shapes for next year, and that’s really exciting.

I’m very lucky to have some of the most creative people I know both as friends and to turn to when I need advice or just clarification on the designs I’m putting together before they launch.

I’ve worked with some amazing women in other design spheres and can’t wait to share some of them with you too.

exciting times

We have a lot of new things to share with you over the next few weeks, it’s been a really exciting time for us. Ian and I are very grateful for all the support we get from our loyal customers and lots of family and friends in the projects we have worked on.

It’s been hard work, but we’re almost there, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can share at least one with you next week.

Until then I better put my head down and finish the finishing touches, have a great week and happy gardening, Jo x