Operations Manager Appointed for New Cassopolis Recycling Plant

CASSOPOLIS, Mich. (WNDU) — The first hire has been made at a $150 million aluminum recycling plant currently under construction in Cassopolis.

In a year and seven days, Norway-based Norsk Hydro is expected to produce its first aluminum ingot there.

Now is apparently the perfect time to add some brick-and-mortar flesh and blood.

“I’m here this week to get to know Cassopolis better and I’m impressed with what I’ve seen so far, and I’m really looking forward to the start of the plant,” recently hired the operations manager of the factory, Ingrid. Guddal told 16 News Now today.

Guddal isn’t here to stay yet, but with a trip from the factory site to her home in Norway measuring some 4,000 miles, she’s in a class of her own and making the most of every moment. This week, she will begin interviewing potential employees.

“We are therefore looking for young people who are curious and eager to evolve in the company, and we are looking for more experienced people. So, I will have my first interviews this week.

While Cassopolis is a small village of some 1,700 people, Guddal says the village she grew up in was even smaller.

“Me, myself, I come from a small village in Norway, I grew up near a hydroelectric plant and I know how important it is. It gave me the opportunity to, I started as a summer worker in the factory, and later I had a lot of opportunities in the company,” Guddal said.

Guddal has been with Hydro for around 30 years and previously opened a new plant in Spain.

You can find more information about job opportunities at Hydro Cassopolis here.