The only nursery authorized to market the Ribera Sun persimmon plant will publish its seal of varietal reliability in Fruit Attraction

“Viveros Hernandorena will be located in Hall 3, Stand 3E05B, of Fruit Attraction, where they will officially present their Seal of Variety Reliability, a certification they created to endorse their work methodology and offer their customers maximum security when they buy plant material.”

“This label considers three key concepts that are at the heart of the company’s way of working. Firstly, varietal authenticity: that is to say guaranteeing 100% homogeneity of the plant material marketed. Secondly, the varietal adaptability: that the variety is stable and has been agronomically contrasted and consolidated Finally, varietal health: guaranteeing the control of pests and diseases from the initial material to the final sale of the plant.

“We want to explain this label to our customers and visitors and what guarantees and added value it brings them. It is our own certification, self-imposed and rigorously developed by all our teams, which comes to provide maximum guarantees to our customers from the moment they buy the plant,” said Rosa Hernandorena, Commercial Director of Viveros Hernandorena, who will be present with the entire commercial team of the company in this new edition of Fruit Attraction.

The largest producer of persimmon plants
Viveros Hernandorena will also take advantage of Fruit Attraction to promote its specialization in the production of persimmon plants. The company is currently the largest producer of persimmon plants, with a volume that will exceed 150,000 plants marketed in this campaign, and it plans to increase to 200,000 plants in the 2023/2024 campaign. “We already have enough bosses to reach this figure and confirm our position as world leader in this sector,” said Rosa Hernandorena.

Viveros Hernandorena is also the only nursery authorized to market the Ribera Sun persimmon plant variety. “The variety Ribera Sun was authorized to enter the Register of Protected Varieties in January. This variety has very interesting agronomic aspects, such as greater fruit size which translates into a lower need for fertigation, thus providing water and nutrient savings. “, said the commercial director.

In addition, as a novelty in this next campaign, Viveros Hernandorena will market persimmon plants bound at a height of 1.20 meters. This will provide significant transport savings, allowing them to transport a greater volume of plants per pallet without compromising their quality and formation. “These are necessary savings for farmers at the moment. We take into account all these small details to help our customers in their agronomic projects”, specifies the commercial director.

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