Why TikTok Thinks Olive Garden’s Endless Pasta Bowl Is Back

The Olive Garden took to TikTok for the first time to showcase a variety of pasta dishes made with cream and tomatoes. Olive Garden’s social media team captioned the video with “Something is coming up.” A few fans speculated what the promotion might mean, with some calling for Steak Gorgonzola Alfredo to return. “We’ll let our team know you’re missing this,” the Olive Garden team replied. Well, at least we know that’s not what the establishment was teasing.

The penny dropped soon enough when another obviously delighted Olive Garden fan spoke for many when they wrote, “It’s the ENDLESS PASTA BOWL!! I [have] I’VE BEEN WAITING for this since 2020!!!” Olive Garden declined to reveal if the fan’s guess was correct, playing coy. The establishment attempted a diversion, “What if it’s something else?” Another fan wrote , “it better be Never Ending Pasta. It’s my favorite thing.” Olive Garden hinted as much, writing, “Good things come to those who wait. Stay tuned. According to Business Insider, previous promotions have sold thousands of Never Ending Pasta Bowl passes.