Wisconsin Ginseng Celebration raises awareness of the ginseng plant and its unique purpose

MARATHON, Wis. (WSAW) – Did you know that Marathon is known as the ginseng capital of the country? It’s true, and the Wisconsin Ginseng Celebration participated in the Marathon Fun Days festival to raise awareness of this unique plant.

During the celebration, the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin offered garden tours, free samples and education on the benefits of ginseng. Although Marathon is called the ginseng capital of the country, few in the community are aware of its importance, and that is precisely what the council hopes to deliver.

“It’s really good for people to start understanding that we are stewards of the land,” says Bob Kaldunski, president of the Ginseng Board Wisconsin. “But we are promoting and developing a health product.”

Ginseng is a small plant with considerable health benefits. These include boosting the immune system, regulating blood sugar, even reducing fatigue levels in cancer patients. Although a slow growing plant, the gain once developed is well worth the wait.

“It’s young, it gives them life, it makes you feel good because you’re really growing up, you’re doing something,” Kaldunski says. “And we always say it grows with love.”

While it’s important to be labeled as the ginseng capital of the country, people like Bob don’t take the honor and recognition for granted.

“It’s a great feeling,” says Kaldunski. “When you travel to Asia and you see their smiles on their face and they say oh, you’re from Wisconsin, you’re going to ginseng, and it’s an amazing health product for them.”

There is approximately $60-80 million in impact with ginseng in the community. And there’s also about one to two million pounds of product produced per year.

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