Yarbo robot takes care of garden chores – The Irish Times

Yarbo 3 in 1, €3,700

Robots are practical. Especially when they take over the tasks you’d really rather not do. Take the Yarbo, for example. This smart robot also works hard. It’s modular and can handle most garden tasks you hate, covering everything from lawn mowing to leaf blowing, or winter snow management.

It uses RTX GPS for positioning instead of perimeter wire, so setup won’t require burying anything in the back yard, and its tracks are suitable for any terrain. That means less yard maintenance equipment to manage, and if we ever get another beast from the east, you’re well prepared. Also, in the future, the company promises to bring more add-ons for Yarbo.

It is currently the subject of a successful Kickstarter campaign, surpassing its $50,000 goal to raise over $2 million.